PikaPika Pete's Special Effects Test Page

Photographer (Light Painter) Peter H. Rosen is using this site for showing the testing results using a variety of iPhone Apps and Canon 60D images.

I've been making Light Paintings since 1989. I had the thought while hiking with friends, to leave the shutter open as the night got darker, realizing that at some point, there would not be enough light to affect the film (before digital cameras) however there would be enough light to "imprint" a background image without overexposure over which, my light painting could commence. Needless to say, picking the right time to begin the exposure is one of many critical considerations in the making of my art.

Since that day in 1989, I've had so much fun developing a series/sequence of light paintings called: "FROM ROCKS TO DNA: DANCING ON THE EDGE OF TIME."

The idea being bodies come and go, but SPIRIT remains...inextricably linked to and bonded with the Aina (Hawaiian word meaning land) where you've been... influencing future peoples long after you return to source.

I call my ARTFORM SPIRIT BODY PROCESS PERFORMANCE PHOTOGRAPHY), presented as animated GIFs in many cases. PLEASE

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PikaPika Pete's Special Effects Test Page